March 11, 2016


‘If you want to improve your health, reclaim your power and embrace joy in your life, call Hunter. She offers deep, practical help in navigating complex medical conditions and helps you identify and release old thought patterns that get in the way of healing.’             G.L., Lexington, KY

‘Thank you for giving me permission to be a student. I have been trying to be more aware of the outlandish goals I set for myself and the pressure I feel internally to meet them. I am chuckling now thinking of my tendency to do that! And I’m looking forward to the time I have to keep learning (the rest of my life!). What a relief.’             P.F., Asheville, NC

‘Hunter’s quiet presence, deep listening and skillful questions nurture your ability to tap into the wisdom of your heart. Discovering your true inspiration, practical action steps and perfect support system for achieving your goals is the result.’             A.L., Berea, KY

‘Thank you for giving me the question, ‘What are you celebrating today?’ I LOVE that. My intention is to ask myself what am I celebrating each moment I get distracted or feel anxiety rising.’             T.F., Begley, WV

‘Your partner on the journey, Hunter provides compassionate support, mutual accountability and joyful encouragement while honoring your personal values, beliefs, dreams and desires.’                        B.F., Honolulu. HI

‘When I first came to see Hunter I felt overwhelmed, isolated and alone. I was recovering from the recent loss of my mother, serving the needs of my son and brother (who are both living with brain injuries), contemplating thyroid and hormone replacement and coming off of an antidepressant.

After a thorough health assessment, Hunter helped me to identify practical lifestyle modifications, and referred me to other skilled health care professionals. These practical steps have all helped me experience increased energy, balance and stability in my daily life. They are tools I use to help myself and I am very grateful for them.

What I am most grateful for is Hunter herself. Her gentle spirit, kind heart, heightened perception and judgement-free approach have given me a safe, loving space in which to find and practice “speaking my truth”. Her appreciation of me (in the truest sense of the word) has enabled me to appreciate myself and the role I play in the lives of those I love. It’s an appreciation free of pity or aggrandizement that has to do with valuing something for it’s intrinsic worth. The validation I receive from Hunter helps me to trust my own judgment and abilities.

She is in my corner and I am a stronger person because of her.’    V.D., Berea, KY