Show Up Grounded



A client recently shared (used with her generous permission) what she had written in her Morning Pages (See The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron to learn more about Morning Pages.):


Show up in the world. Show up in the world.

Show up grounded.

You serve others by being grounded in body so Spirit can come through.

If you are in mind and reacting to energies around you, there is no “lightning rod” for Spirit to come through.

Of course, Spirit is you and you must be grounded to align with it.

Just as electricity is all around us, it must be grounded to flow

and not blow the circuitry.

Mindfulness is to return to breathe, return to body.


What is “grounded”?


Merriam-Webster’s definition: mentally and emotionally stable:  admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious<remains grounded despite all the praise and attention>


I would think that being grounded in the body would require the relaxation of body and mind (stability). During the “relaxation response”, we have access to the higher reasoning areas of the brain (the source of sensible and realistic), where we are able to choose our response (as we align with and receive the input of Spirit), rather than reflexively react (and maybe blow a circuit).


I asked her what grounded felt like. She said, “Feeling centered in my heart. Slow breathing. Surrendering to the Divine. When I’m grounded, I’m not alone, I’m co-creating with the One Presence, and I’m serving the highest good always.”


The context within which I’m most familiar with being grounded has been preparing for meditation, before entering a patient’s room, before starting a client session, or during a guided imagery exercise. I was reminded, as we discussed my client’s words, that grounded is something we can be intentional about all the time. Often we learn helpful tools, techniques and practices in our yoga classes, therapy offices, and online workshops, where we are guided to enter an altered state of consciousness to help us feel the experience of being grounded.


But how do we get grounded in the grocery checkout line, with our children at bedtime, or our boss or co-worker, when we are not in our safe and comfortable spaces, and don’t have time, or the confidence, to imagine, as my client so clearly described, “a lightning rod up and anchor down”?


How do we remember that being grounded is an option when life shows up so fast? I would love to know your thoughts!