March 1, 2016


Are you…

  • done with seeing yourself as a victim and ready to embrace everything life offers as an opportunity for whole person transformation (growth, healing, awakening)?
  • ready to take responsibility for your whole life–work/life purpose, relationships, spirituality, environment, sexuality, money, physical health, mental health, creativity, and listening to your inner wisdom – not because you have done something wrong, but because accepting responsibility for your experience of life is the first step on the journey to whole person transformation?
  • open-minded, open-hearted and committed to do whatever it takes to live your life to the fullest, even if the steps to get there seem scary and uncomfortable?

If so, you are ready to embark on your journey to whole person transformation!

I love the work of Lissa Rankin, MD – visionary physician, speaker, mystic and NY Times best selling author of Mind Over MedicineThe Fear Cure, and The Anatomy of a Calling. Lissa is changing the health care system by training physicians and other health care providers how to maximize the power of the mind, heart and soul for whole person health and healing. Lissa is my mentor as a personal role model of the infinite possibilities that await us and those we serve when we are open, curious, trusting, fearless, and willing to be vulnerable. I completed a four-month training with Lissa and her team in October 2014. The following Steps to Whole Person Transformation are adapted from her Six Steps to Self-Healing.

Believe and feel anything is possible

  • The placebo effect is real. So is the nocebo effect!
  • What do you believe about your ability to transform yourself, your health, your life? Is it true? Who said? How do you feel in your body when you believe it’s true?
  • What do your heart and soul ache for? Who would you be if you were fearless?
  • Are your beliefs creating a feeling of relaxation or stress in your body?Positive beliefs and feelings can heal your body, negative beliefs and feelings can harm it and both can change the way your DNA expresses itself.
  • Choose your beliefs carefully!

Be Love, know peace

  • You are Love and Love is all there is.
  • Be what you want to experience in the world. It starts with you.
  • Love yourself first; ALL of your Self.
  • How does your response to life change when you put your Love glasses on?
  • The present is now. And now. And now… Just come back to now.
  • Gratitude is for everything.
  • What would Love do?

Find the right support

  • Feeling connected with yourself, others, or nature, and believing in the sacredness of life may improve your health, lengthen your life, increase your happiness, and expand your coping skills more than exercising, eating a nutritious diet or quitting smoking.
  • It takes a village and you are its most important member! Do you feel worthy of whole person transformation? Are you courageous enough to be unapologetically you? Are you working with or against yourself?
  • Relationships can either help us or hurt us. With whom do you feel safe, respected and loved?
  • Do your home and work environments nurture and support your desire for transformation?

Listen to your body, trust your intuition

  • Your inner wisdom is always communicating through your body and knows the answers to your questions. If you feel peace, inspiration, joy… you are in the flow. If you feel stress, there is a better option.
  • What are your body and intuition telling you? Can you hear the whispered warnings or does it take a yell to capture your attention?
  • Are your mind and body quiet and still enough for you to hear the whispers?
  • What do your body and intuition know about your life that you have been refusing to acknowledge?

Identify the root cause of where your life may be out of alignment with your desire for transformation

  • What is keeping you from transforming yourself and your life?
  • What, in each area of your life, is triggering your stress responses?
  • Research shows that joy, happiness, positive energy, life satisfaction, optimism, hopefulness and a sense of humor result in less illness and longer lives.
  • Research indicates that happy people devote lots of time to nurturing relationships with family and friends, are comfortable expressing gratitude for what they have, are the first to lend a helping hand, are optimistic about the future, savor life’s pleasures, live in the moment, exercise frequently, and show poise and strength when facing life’s inevitable challenges.
  •  Only you know the truth of your heart and soul. Claiming this truth can take courage. Who would you be if you were fearless?
  • What are the barriers within yourself you have built against love?

Write your own plan for radical self-care and take action toward whole person transformation

  • The most important factor on the journey to transformation is radical self-care. Research says work/life purpose, relationships, spirituality, environment, sexuality, money, physical health, mental health, creativity, and listening to your inner wisdom can either increase the stress response or support the relaxation response. How are you caring for yourself in each of these areas of your life? What in each area of your life supports the relaxation response? What makes your heart sing?
  • The most important factor for radical self-care is your ability to be still, quiet, and relaxed in your mind and body. Within the relaxation response, your body’s self-repair mechanisms are activated, and you have access to your inner wisdom who knows what you need for whole person transformation. Your radical self-care plan may include transforming negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, spending time in water, spending more time alone or with others, keeping a gratitude journal, cultivating more reverence for life, setting healthy boundaries, nourishing yourself with a whole foods diet, spending time in nature, having more fun, communicating more clearly with family, caregivers and health care providers… the possibilities are limitless!
  • Research says increasing opportunities to be creative may relieve a sense of helplessness, as well as maximizing your ability to make choices, take personal responsibility, and feel useful.
  • What actions are you inspired to take to shift where your life is out of alignment with your desire for transformation?

Surrender attachment to outcome

  • As much as you want whole person transformation, believe it is possible, and do everything “right”, there are no guarantees you will get there, and it won’t be your fault. You could do absolutely nothing and a miracle could occur! We can’t know what God or the Universe or Life has in store for us.
  • The only thing certain in life is uncertainty. We can view uncertainty as a vast and scary unknown or as infinite possibility. When we stay open and curious and believe anything is possible, anything is!
  • We are not in control of the outcome. We are responsible for choosing how we respond to what life hands us. Our choices include our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, as well as our ability to trust in something greater than ourselves, practice humility, and feel gratitude.   Being open to the belief that all of life’s challenges are opportunities for transformation (learning, growing, healing, awakening) may be the most important belief of all.
  • Are you ready to do everything within your power to make your life ripe for transformation (and miracles!), and then let go and trust the journey?