Be Love, Do Love


This morning I was breaking beans from the garden. Before that I was thinking about who might serve as an inspiring listen during bean-breaking. Maybe my usuals, Lissa Rankin or Deepak Chopra, or someone from SAND (Science and Non-Duality Conference)… and then I went back to the recurring thought that listening to myself is really the only way. At that moment, I began to repeat Be Love, Do Love as a bean-breaking mantra. And, in the next immediate moment, I found a Love letter. Lissa would call it a breadcrumb. Someone else might call it a sign, a thumbs up, a confirmation that going within to hang out with Be Love, Do Love is absolutely the best place to be while I break beans this morning.

I learned about Love letters from someone who really knows how to love everything. She finds hearts EVERYWHERE – shells, leaves, holes, stones, squash – really, everywhere. She taught me that the wind, flowers, clouds, water, a smile, a car that starts, waking up in the morning… are also Love letters. Then, I realized, the hard stuff I know as opportunities for growth, healing, and learning, like illness, an accident, a car that won’t start, a relationship that ends, a job we don’t get, an ejection notice, the death of a beloved… are also Love letters. Life itself. ALL of it. An infinitude of Love letters within the One Love letter.

I believe Love letters come from God, the Universe, the Creator, the One. Serving Love is serving God. Life is grace. We are not in control of what life hands us. Our responsibility is to remember the Love that we are, and be the Love we want to experience in the world, with every breath, thought, word, and deed. No small order. I believe it’s why we are here. Most importantly, we have to be a Love letter to ourselves. Love starts with loving ourselves first.

Rumi says, “Our task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within ourselves we have built against it.” We can start anywhere, everywhere, now. This morning, a heart within a bean was my Love letter, and my reminder that being Love, and doing Love is all I want and all there is. I start now. Want to join me?